Fundraising In 3 Easy Steps

Race Night Charity Fundraising – Raise Money With Fun

Three steps to a successful fund raising event.

The first crucial element may seem too simple to mention:

Well, by ‘good audience’ I mean, a group of people who have come together to have an entertaining night out and support their cause by spending money on the Tote. It’s absolutely essential to gather as much support as possible before your event. Selling tickets or tables is a good way to gage how many people will attend. Sometimes though, organisers who spend more time on buying horsey decorations for the venue end up with a half empty but pretty room! So make your time count, make sure you have a good, committed group eager to attend. Friends, relations, business colleagues and associates – and make sure everyone on your Committee is geared up to bring everyone he or she knows!

You will no doubt have a rough idea of numbers in the planning stage so the next crucial element is choosing the right venue. There is simply no point in over-estimating numbers and booking the local leisure centre’s largest room. Fifty guests or less rattling around in an otherwise empty room will make it very difficult to create and maintain the right kind of atmosphere.
On the other hand, even though Aces Race Nights have run events on narrow boats – it’s not ideal! Tiny pubs with just enough room to swing the proverbial cat can make for cosy nights but unless they can accommodate fifty plus with a decent view of the screen for all, you should look elsewhere.
So – bums on seats in the right size room. It’s worth mentioning that many pubs have event rooms and a canny organiser can often persuade the landlady to waive the cost of hire as you’ll be bringing a big group of thirsty punters to drink her ale! On the other hand, if you’re part of a group with their own premises you’ll be making a very decent profit on your food and bar sales yourselves.

Here at Aces, we’ve actually lost count of the number of race nights we have supplied since our business started in 2000. It’s probably around the 2000 mark so I think it’s fair to say, we know what we’re doing. Just as importantly, we still very much enjoy doing them. If your Presenter is enjoying his or herself then their audience will very soon catch on. It’s a fun night after all – and not surprisingly, people that are having fun spend more money!!!

A lot of our fund raising tips can be found by visiting our website – or you are always welcome to call for a chat – that won’t even cost you from a landline – 0800 107 7001. June – our race night lady will be glad to take your call.

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