Race Night Charity Fundraising Ideas 2017

‘Race Night season?’ I hear you ask, ‘WHAT race night season?’

Race Night Charity Fundraising Ideas Somerset 2017My company has supplied well over a thousand race nights in a little more than sixteen years so I think we can say with some confidence we know a thing or two about them. One thing we know for sure is that the months after Christmas, all the parties and excesses they bring, make way for some hefty fund raising activities – sports clubs and charities alike. They all seem to favour February March and April to hold events to further their cause.

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Is there a better way to raise money than a race night? So far I haven’t found one. The initial outlay – that’ll be hiring the venue and whatever race night company you choose as your supplier – is a very small percentage of the money that can be raised both before your event and during it. Indeed, if you follow our guidelines and do the initial groundwork of finding race sponsors and selling off the runners, you’ll have covered your expenses and be in profit before the doors open!

Race Nights are covered by The Gambling Commission Act, which clearly states that you cannot hold a race night for personal gain; all monies raised must be given to a worthwhile cause e.g. charity, school, football team, sick child etc. Read more here on What Is A Race Night?

You are allowed to deduct any reasonable expenses that you have incurred whilst organising the event. This includes the cost of hiring the venue, prizes, and your race night entertainment package – Presenter, equipment, films etc etc.

Venues for Race Nights in Somerset and South Wales and West

Whilst many clubs have their own clubhouse to hold such events, others don’t and will need to search around for the ideal venue.

This can often be their local pub with a function room at the back. You may be asked to pay a substantial hire charge for the privilege of bringing forty, fifty or more people into that room, to buy their drinks over the bar. Now, put yourself in the landlords shoes; surely you’d rather have a guaranteed customer base on any one night than not? Of course if you are asking him or her to provide a buffet, that’s a different story but just a room and bar access? Some publicans will even throw in a member of staff (metaphorically speaking of course) to open the bar in the function room at no extra cost. Let’s face it – it’s certainly going to be worth his while.

The most important thing though, once you have decided on the event date, is to book your race night company. If you don’t know of one near you then you’ll no doubt be trawling through the web pages. As with all services, there are many differences in the standard and quality of service providers. Look at their website, look at how long they have been around – how far way they are from you (some presenters will travel hundreds of miles for a show), ask what equipment they use. These range from the ancient reel to reel projectors to current laptop presentations. Oh and please don’t forget to take a look at their reviews!

The team at Aces Fun Casinos and Race Nights would love to hear from you. I hope you find us – and make it as soon as you can because that race night season is fast approaching and if you want to make the best choice – that’s us by the way – book early to romp home by a furlong and avoid disappointment.