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Wedding and Party Entertainment – Personalised Casino Chips and Experienced Croupiers

Oh what a Lovely… Wedding/Hen Party/Birthday!

Great photography by Paul Willetts only served to emphasise how brilliant a fun casino is for wedding guests. Joining a blackjack game with a handful of others who really don’t know each other that well. No need for ‘polite chat’ – just play the game and see what happens. In no time, strangers become allies if not friends.

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Hen Party Wedding Entertainment

Before that though – fun casinos are great for the pre-wedding parties. Here at Aces, we’ve shared the hen party experience many times all with great success.

Here’s one of our most recent, down in the depths of Somerset countryside on a windy night, passing tractors in ditches, moving broken branches from the narrow winding lanes and praying the sat nav was going to lead us there.

No stopping us of course. We’ve NEVER not found our way so far. Beautiful old country house and twenty four hens to entertain.

A very good time had by all and, as you can see, a very happy bride-to-be presenting a prize to the highest roller.

South West UK Regional Service

There  is no limit to the functions we are asked to attend – young and old are fascinated and entertained by our fun casino games. The young take it just as seriously as the old – although we like to think we make it clear to them that gambling can be a very different matter if playing with real money. As we are based in Weston-super-Mare, our service area covers the whole of the South West UK and South Wales.

Variety is the thing we love most of all with our mobile casino entertainment. Different places, different people of different ages – and as for there being no limit – we’ve provided entertainment for eighty year old twins and our latest booking is for a New Year’s Eve birthday party for a ninety years young chap. Let the good times roll – we can’t wait!


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Professional Fun Casino Association PFCA

Professional Fun Casino Association PFCA

professional-fun-casino-associationWe are a collective of Fun Casino companies using professionally trained croupiers that have years of experience working in real Casinos.

The Professional Fun Casino Association provide a framework and accreditation scheme for Fun Casino companies to prove their credentials hence ensuring the quality of their equipment and staff.

We are an external body that verifies it’s members to a strict standard.

Our mission is to ensure that people booking Fun Casino Entertainment know that there is a BIG difference between booking a Professional Fun Casino and booking your Casino entertainment with a company that has learned to deal Casino games from YouTube…

Booking with an accredited company gives confidence and reassurance that the Fun Casino event will be a true authentic Casino experience.

All of our members specialise in providing Fun Casino Entertainment, it is their main source of business.

 Region  Company Name  Website  Telephone
 Berkshire Lost Vegas Fun Casinos 01344 441626
 Cheshire Casinos 4 Fun 07919 102422
 Derbyshire Little Las Vegas 07766 027579
 Devon Casino Select 01626 368275
 East Anglia Anglia Fun Casino 07745 431125
 East Sussex Jewel Fun Casinos 07511 866448
 Kent Mock Vegas 0800 612 7737
 Leicestershire Maverick Casinos 077387 03437
 Somerset Aces Fun Casinos 0800 107 7001
 Nottinghamshire Blackjack Fun Casino 01159 202 623
 South Wales Event Casino 01633 872418
 Staffordshire Royale Casino Promotions 077650 10000

Why use our members?

This is not just a website with a list of any old Fun Casino Companies for you to choose from…
All accredited members have been vetted to ensure they meet the minimum standards of a Fun Casino operation as agreed by our members.

By coming together as a group of Professional Fun Casino companies and setting out minimum standards it enables the client to see the wood for the trees when booking Fun Casino entertainment.

If you are Googling dozens of self proclaiming ‘Professional’ Fun Casinos, we would highly recommend booking with an accredited company as this will go a long way to ultimately ensure your Fun Casino entertainment meets and exceeds your expectations.

When you are paying good money for your Fun Casino Entertainment make sure you receive the service you are expecting…

Accreditation Criteria and Code of Conduct

As professional croupiers, we know the below factors have a dramatic impact on the authenticity, ambience and ‘Casino’ wow factor created at an event.

All of our accredited members fulfill the following criteria and have signed up to our code of conduct. We verify these details on a yearly basis to ensure an authentic casino experience at your event.’ This verification, for existing and prospective new members is being hosted from May 2019-April 2020 by Aces Fun Casinos.

Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA)


    • Use only full sized free standing Casino tables
    • All equipment / Casino tables to be maintained to a high standard
    • Minimum ‘real’ Casino experience of the Director / Proprietor – 1 years
    • Have a website with clear contact details on
    • Main source of business is providing Fun Casino Entertainment
      i.e. Not a bouncy castle company that has casino tables, DJ’s etc
    • Hold valid Public Liability insurance – Certificate verified upon membership
    • Agree to the Code of Conduct as set out by our members
    • Only use Professional and Professionally trained Croupiers


    • Only use full sized Roulette wheels
    • Minimum chip weight
      Roulette colour – 8gram
      Cash chips – 11.5gram
    • Minimum number of Roulette colours – 8
    • Use both ‘colour and cash chips’ on Roulette
    • Allow all valid bets on Roulette and pay correct odds
      i.e. Corners, Streets, 6 Lines etc


  • Minimum of 4 decks of cards
  • Cards to be dealt from a shoe
  • Blackjack tables to have minimum 7 boxes

Professional Fun Casino Association (PFCA)

Who we are and what we stand for:
The PFCA members have extensive expertise that is founded upon years of experience. Based on our integrity and professionalism in managing our business, the fun casino industry in UK has progressed over the years in a gradual manner to adapt to changes in the events and entertainment landscape. In this respect, our business has evolved from the simple provision of traditional casino table games into corporate parties to a far broader fun casino concept, which includes weddings, charity fundraisers, birthdays, pubs and nightclubs.
Despite changes, the PFCA members remain committed to the core values associated with the PFCA’s identity: representing the interests of UK’s, Fun Casino Industry.
This Code serves as a constant reminder of the key requirements set out by the PFCA, which its members are required to uphold as a condition of membership.
The Code governs the conduct of all PFCA members and seeks to ensure that they champion the PFCA’s fundamental values of integrity, professionalism and ambition by observing the principles explained in the PFCA code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct of PFCA members

  • We require from our members strict compliance with all applicable insurances, equipment and staff requirements thereby ensuring that they act in good faith at all times and thus demonstrate their integrity.
  • We act with awareness, striving to channel the Fun Casino Industry in a manner which endorses high, common standards, whilst maintaining a fun and energetic governance.
  • We pursue business success in a prudent and diligent manner, based on a fair, transparent and progressive dialogue with our clients.
  • We provide safe, insured and authentic fun casino services.
  • We are committed to advertising which promotes our services to clients in an honest and appropriate manner.
  • We ensure that we continuously develop our industry ­specific knowledge. We consider this to be a prerequisite for maintaining and sharing our expertise in the field and upholding best practices.
  • We are committed to providing equal opportunity, nondiscriminatory working environments respecting the individuality, dignity and diversity of our staff.
  • We work to establish ourselves greater recognition in the UK as we seek to cement our status as a reputable body, whose members serve to protect the Fun Casino industry and its clients.