What is a race night? How does it work?

There is little to compare with the thrill and excitement of a photo-finish. Our giant screen presentations will have your guests cheering in the aisles. A night at the races has the widest possible appeal. We have helped raise thousands of pounds for clubs and charities in our fund raising events. Our corporate and private party race nights are second to none.

We are fully insured for Public Liability and our equipment is PAT tested.

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 Race Night Presenters, practiced in the art of entertaining .

First class, fully insured projection and sound equipment.

The widest choice of entertainment, individually designed to suit your occasion .

The very best of races from the UK and around the world.

Your choice of horse, greyhound, afghan hound,  pig, sheep and camel racing.

Between-race entertainment including media clips of sporting blunders on the race track and elsewhere.

Race Nights are enormously popular forms of entertainment. Please browse our website to see what that best entertainment and fun suits your requirements:

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