Giant Game and Garden Game Hire

Book a fun casino with us and choose any or all of these games for just £20.00 each to hire! For individual games or a quote for a games package please call 0800 107 7001 or email us with your location for a no obligation quote.

Aces Fun Casinos take the party outside with our giant ‘Connect Four’, giant Jenga, giant Snakes and Ladders and a garden croquet game.


Revisit your childhood competitveness against your fellow partygoers and have fun outside at any venue!

Giant Connect Four

One of the most popular of our giant garden games range! The giant Connect Four is a firm favourite with children and adults alike. Giant Connect Four is great fun and easy to play.

Using skill and strategy, players take it in turns to drop red or yellow plastic counters into the slots one at a time. The aim is to make four in a row first by carefully planning your own moves, whilst taking care to block your opponents row. If all of the counters are used without there being four in a row, the game is a draw. Otherwise, whoever gets four in a row first, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, is the winner.

Giant Jenga Blocks

The aim of the game is to build the tower as high as possible without letting it fall, you could even use it for team building to see who’s tower lasts the longest and builds the highest, perfect for any party, corporate event or BBQ.

Giant Snakes and Ladders

In this version – there are no counters – YOU jump from square to square, climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes!

The game comes with an inflatable die and 8 pegs for holding down the board which measures 3m square. Note that the rules are not the standard Snakes and Ladders – there are a couple of optional additional twists that add to the party atmosphere.

Lawn Croquet

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